Sheffield Skiing Village is one of the most preferred skiing spots in the world.


We have a perfectly maintained and top quality bowling arena. 


We have regular events that are conducted in our properties. The events include skiing, bowling and a lot more.

Welcome to Sheffield Ski Village

The ideal destination in the world to have the best skiing experience.

Bowling at the Ski Village

Sheffield has one of the best bowling facilities in the world. People from all over the world visit Sheffield.

Adventure Mountain

Have an adventure of your lifetime by climbing the cold terrains and witness the awesomeness of nature.

Events at Sheffield Ski Village.

Participate in our extravagant events organized at the Sheffield Ski Village.

Hospitality facilities


Sheffield has a great spa that offers great massages that can rejuvenate your body and mind.


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Treat your taste buds with lip-smacking food at the amazing restaurant at Sheffield.


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Have the best time of your life at the pub at Sheffield Ski Village.


It is not necessary to take a break from for fitness routine. We have properly equipped gym at Sheffield.

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Top 10 Ski destinations around the world

Ski Destinations

France ski breaks

France retains an unusual position in the hearts of European skiers and is regarded as the most popular European winter destination. The French Alps have it all, ranging from plenty of facilities, beautiful slopes, fun resorts, and stunning mountains. The overall atmosphere is energizing and vibrant.

Canada ski holidays

Canada is regarded as the second best destination to ski after France due to its vast forests, towering mountains and just the sheer beauty of Canada is simply divine. Canada offers amazing skiing spots to majestic scenic forest trails.

Bulgaria ski breaks

Bulgaria is at the top of the list as well, why? Mainly due to the fact it is one of the best cheapest destinations available. The nation has been pouring millions of pounds to its skiing infrastructure with an aim to exceed every skier’s wildest expectations. Since the prices are low and resorts are excellent, it results in Bulgaria topping the list.

Ski Destinations

USA ski holidays

The United States has a variety of skiing destinations among which the Rockies are the favorite. Other top-rated destinations within the nation include Aspen, Colorado, Wyoming, Jackson Hole, and Snowbird Utah. There are hundreds of resorts to choose from consisting of gentle beginners slope to some of the most extreme terrain.

Switzerland ski breaks

Due to its vast variety of terrain, Switzerland remains one of the most exciting Alpine countries. One of the most famous destinations is Zermatt along with the towering Matterhorn. The country is filled with absolute tranquillity and picturesque towns and lakes.

Austria ski holidays

It is a perfect destination for both beginners and experts. It offers world-class skiing facilities, unmarked trails and adrenaline rush of off-piste skiing. It is regarded as one of the most idyllic skiing destinations in the world and displays beautiful ski towns and traditional villages to explore.

Italy ski holidays

Italy is a beautiful country with rich culture and delicious cuisine. Italy possesses some of the most luxurious skiing resorts available in all of Europe as well as some of the most excellent skiing available near the Alps.

Andorra ski holidays

Andorra possesses some of the latest lift systems out there along with a wide variety of ski areas to explore. Soldeu is the most famous resort here. Since it does share the crowd of the Alps, it makes an ideal skiing destination.

Finland ski breaks

Finland offers some of the best cross-country skiing opportunities while the available mountains provide some of the most fun and skiing available. It serves as a great family destination, suitable for all levels of skiers.

Scotland ski breaks

Scotland may not be the best place to ski, but the reason is sporadic since it offers at least a month of beautiful slopes and snow. Cairngorm, Glencoe, Glenshee, Lecht and Nevis slopes offer good skiing opportunities to explore.

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